Sunday, 8 February 2009

Full stops & Question marks

R.I.P. Pinky

Woke up this morning to another murder in there any helping the situation and will change ever arrive. How far are we from ever having a Black Prime Minister? Dianne Abbott, Paul Boateng, Bernie Grant, Piara Khabra, Keith Vaz, Marsha Singh, Mohammed Sarwar, Ashok Kumar, Oona King, we need answers...Below are some pics of the murder scene:

So many people ask why Londons inner cities are in the state that there in but its simple...scratch beneath the surface and just look at the history:

The turn of the century was the best time for Harlesden. The mainly middle class population enjoyed nine churches and chapels including a Catholic convent in Crown Hill Road from 1886 (where i ended up going to primary school in 1988). The High Street was rebuilt in the Edwardian period and the same year saw first electric trams in Harlesden, complementing existing horse trams (the first in northwest London, operating since 1888) and horse buses. In 1912 Harlesden railway station was opened near the site of the old Willesden Station. In 1917 electric trains to Watford began operating on this line. This industrial growth led the middle classes to abandon Harlesden. Between the two World Wars Harlesden became an entirely working class area, with many living in poverty. In 1936-7 Poverty and vandalism made Harlesden an unpleasant place to live. Much of the area needed improvement, but redevelopment did not come until the 1970s. For example, prefabricated houses for the homeless after the war time bombings remained on Harlesden Road until the late 1960s. In the 1980s(i am an 80's baby) the situation was made worse by racial unrest (a lot of immigrants from West Indies and the Indian subcontinent moved here), unemployment resulting from the demise of south Brent's manufacturing industries and rising property prices. So i was brought up in an area of social deprivation but shit happens and although you may become a product of your environment you don't have to conform to who people believe you should be.

"Poverty is the parent of revolution"

What experience's have you had growing up as a child and how does your immediate surroundings effect the decisions you make in life. The insight Value Group Ltd carried out a vast study of UK social values and change, and upon its findings established this social value scale. It draws heavily from Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This is the Insight Value Group scale, which claims to be an accurate representation of the groups that exist in the UK today.

Self Actualisers
Focused on people and relationships, individualistic and creative, enthusiastically exploring change, 'in a framework of non-prescriptive consideration for others'.

Self-confident risk-takers, seeking new and different things, setting their own targets to achieve.

Esteem seekers
Acquisitive and materialistic, aspiring to what they see are symbols of success, including things and experiences.

Attaching importance to image and status, as a means of enabling acceptance by their peer group, at the same time holding onto traditional values.

Contented conformers
Wanting to be 'normal', so follow the herd, accepting of their circumstances, they are contented and comfortable in the security of their own making.

Averse to risk, guided by traditional behaviours and values, quiet and reserved, hanging back and blending in with the crowd.

Detached and resentful, embittered and apathetic, tending to live in the 'ever-present now'.

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  1. I think you definately touched on an important point with two seperate details that best describe NW10. You mentioned that in 1936/7 vandalism and poverty made harlesden an un pleasent place to live in, an the racial unrest that the 80s introduced would definately contribute to the state of mind of many future(present day) harlesden natives and when the majority are "contented conformers" photographs of forensic dertectives in the area continue to be perceived as the norm. "Poverty is the parent of revolution" is 100% a statement worthy of a genius and with racial unrest and poverty that plagued the bouroughs of New York in late 1970s and early 1980s led to the creation of the modern day leading pop culture known as Hip Hop, so at what point will NW10 turn its negative history around and leave a mark on the world that isnt a negative or blood stained pavement. Harlesden is one of a few different areas in london that received a high influx of imigrants in the late 1960/70s, the race riots of ladbroke grove, birthed the notting hill carnival eventually leading to gentrification and the areas diversity that has continued to sqaush any possibility of racial segragation in the 21st century. Lets hope this is the last young life to be stolen in the NW10 post code..... Mike King