Friday, 13 February 2009

Welcome to the House of Noki

Jonathan “JJ” Hudson is a club kid cum music industry stylist who goes by the name NOKI (a play on IKON) and he states that House of Sustainability is not for sale. Although the Noki label has been around for almost a decade, NHS only launched it's first collection through Fashion East last season. NOKI is one of the most mysterious figures in fashion at the moment and never shows his face to an audience and always wears a surgical mask to hide himself from photographers. I went down to his studio yesterday as i'm working on a short film for Mark Lebon. NOKI is definatley a martian and i think we are actually from the same Anyway, NOKI will be showing at london fashion week at the fashion east section so look out for him. Sidebar: he'll be the one in the mask

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