Thursday, 5 November 2009


Lately i've been looking at african photographer from the 50's period. The wildness of the 1950’s, and the coming of independence, gave birth to a new generation of photographers who were totally involved in the cultural and social life that they recorded. After some healthy food for thought from lecturer Itai doron, he put me up on the brilliant work of Malick Sidebe.


  1. my boyfriend has had the top photo stuck up on his wall for yearz and we never knew who took it! and now we know!!!
    i found these photos through doing research into ska and stuff, and thought they might be useful to you, although i have no idea who shot them.

    i think the guy in the middle of that one looks a lot like pharrell!!
    anywayz, i hope this helps! xxxxx

  2. Hayley these images are brilliant...i really appreciate you reaching out to me with the links.

    Skateboard P 4 sure

    HLB all day!!!!!